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JOIN THE SEATTLE INVESTORS CLUB AND become part of the MOST active real estate group in seattle.

We're Not Kidding.

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We have ZERO doubt you will make relationships that will improve your business when you join!

There is a lot of real estate education available these days, each with it benefits and distractions.  Our primary education goal is to help our members decipher and prioritize all the information they have gathered into a more direct path to real estate success.

Notwithstanding, the true path to success in real estate is through developing personal relationships with other real estate investors, buyers and real estate industry professionals.  

Join our community today and find out what the power of a close group can do for you, both professionally and personally.  Members of our group are experienced real estate investors, brand new to investing, and everything else in-between. We look forward to meeting you!

Member Benefits Include...
- 3 hour meetings, so we have plenty of time to get to know either other.
- Local presenters who know the market, and will be ONLY teaching, not selling.
- Recorded meetings.  If you miss a meeting... they are all recorded, and you can watch them anytime.  Or listen in your car because I split the audio file.   
- Ability to leverage our members as your buyers.  You can easily create a buyers list and sell your deals to other members! 
- Access to our our membership site which will quickly surpass the value of the meetings. The membership site includes training videos for things that are working in this market today, and how you can apply them now. 
- Access to our Facebook group that is by far the most active local real estate focused Facebook group that we've found. 
- And above and beyond all of that... our meetings are FUN, and will get you to "know and like" more people that you WILL do deals with.  

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Seattle Investors Club initially formed in 2012 with our first small round table meeting of about 12 real estate investors that initially met at a weekend Fortune Builders event.  Since that day we have met every month, with new friends and real estate professionals joining us each month.  Our relationships have grown into close friendships, partnerships and a fabulous community we are proud of.  We have supported each other through the successes and pitfalls of real estate investing and we want to meet you!  Everyone needs someone to lean on and celebrate with.  If you agree, you’ve found the right place.  Join us Today!

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How Does It Work


Join the Seattle Investors Club by clicking the link below

You will be directed to our PayPal page where you can sign up in just a few seconds.  It's easy!



Get IMMEDIATE access to our trainings & Facebook page.

We’ve included a training video library that gets updated monthly.  In the library you will find key video on how to take advantage of the local Seattle real estate market.  You will also be invited to our active Facebook page that's full of investors sharing tips, tricks, and ideas daily. 



Join us at the next monthly Seattle Investors Club meeting!

We have our live meetings on the 2nd Saturday of each month in Renton (Renton Technical College), from 4-7pm.  At the meetings you will get to personally know other successful real estate investors in the Seattle area, as well as learn from the top local professionals. 

Have questions about joining?  Contact us at: [email protected] or 425-312-3429.


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